Welcome to Slim Positive!

I’m Yvonne Lavelle, an EFT, NLP and Hypnotherapy Practitioner and Reiki Master.  I created Slim Positive and Health Positive Hypnosis Apps with Only Positive Tracks so that you can listen to the tracks and use the techniques at home for achieving what you want out of life.

My interest in alternative therapies started 14 years ago when I attended a Reiki Course to try and combat my ill health from the age of 11.  I then practiced NLP, EFT and Hypnotherapy which was the key to a happy life for me and my body and then for the other people that I helped achieve the weight loss they wanted or to have a better life in general.

I can honestly say that if you work on yourself, at your own pace, you will achieve anything you want to.  Persistence, and changing the unconscious mind habits is the key to anything in life.  If you really want to achieve a particular goal or goals, then there is nothing stopping you now with these powerful techniques and I am living proof of that.

Yvonne Lavelle Dip.HYP., Dip.NLP.,EFT.MAAMET.